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  • Meet The Team

    Meet The Team

    Apart from Painted Earth (and Tanya ;)) Ray has another passion in life and that is MYMY.


    MYMY (Mind Your Mate & Yourself) is a local Charity located in the heart of Newcastle Co Down where he is the Voluntary Director .

    After the loss of his brother Laurence to suicide, his sister, himself and a few other's created MYMY. 

    MYMY focuses on helping people raise their self-esteem, their self-awareness and to develop a better understanding of self-care. We believe this ultimately helps individuals acquire a greater sense of confidence and self-respect, a priceless attribute in life’s journey.

    As many of you are aware suicide, depression, relationships, physical health and financial issues have become too common in our communities and many people find aspects of their life a challenge. At MYMY we offer a safe and friendly space for individuals to work through the issues that are becoming a burden and affecting their everyday lives.


    Pictured here is some of the gang being presented with a donation from Hylda, Brian and Ireland Rugby Captain Rory Best on behalf of the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society. 

    It’s important to note MYMY do not ‘fix’ anyone, we simply support. We do this by providing services such as counselling; complementary therapies, adult and youth support groups, as well as oraganising various fundraising and other public events throughout the year.

    "At present MYMY support's over 4,000 per year, and this is something all the team and myself are proud of" Ray.

    Contact MYMY @
    0284 372 7549

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