Here at Painted Earth we are a small team with a big dream! We believe in true design and in high quality, Irish craft.

Find inspiration at Painted Earth for gifts from our beautiful everyday craft products. Discover unique, one-off pieces including limited edition work. Indulge in the natural aromas of our bath, beauty and wellness ranges.

Our shop is a little ray of sunshine right in the heart of Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland. With the Mourne Mountains rolling in and the sea tickling our toes, there's no better place in the world. 

But that’s just our opinion… why not pop in and see if you agree?

Owned and staffed by artists and art-lovers

Painted Earth has always been owned and run by people who love and appreciate Irish design. 

Local artist Linda Connelly, together with husband Brendan, opened our doors in 2002 and Linda’s watercolours are sold in the shop to this day. In 2016, silversmith Tanya Cunningham and husband Ray became the second creative power team to take the reins. They gave the shop its iconic bold n’ bright makeover! 

The story continues...

In 2021, current owners Danielle and Brendan Gorman, who appreciate local artists, makers and Irish craft, took over. They love continuing the Painted Earth story with Linda’s original art and prints, and Tanya’s jewellery, Swings and Roundabouts and You and I collections both exclusively available at Painted Earth. 

With the Mourne Mountains rolling in and the sea tickling our toes,
there's no better place in the world (in our opinion!)

Championing high quality Irish design

 A passion for local, sustainable, top quality design and craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do. We continue to sew the thread woven through Painted Earth’s long and beautiful tapestry. It is our commitment to showcase the best in original Irish craft, art, jewellery and natural bath and beauty products.

 It’s why we only have staff who know their stuff inside out. We love to learn about the makers and share their story. Customer service for us isn’t just about helping you find the perfect gift or treat yourself (although we’re a dab hand at that part, too!) 

It’s about sharing this knowledge so as many people as possible can find and fall in love with exquisite things being made right on their doorstep. From breathtaking art and one-of-a-kind jewellery, to heavenly scents, luxuriant bath products and natural skincare, you’ll find just what you need… and learn a little about where it came from.

Megan Hawthorne is one of our four-strong team today, as well as being one of our stocked ceramicists. Customers love being able to talk to the person who actually made the planters, pots, dishes and wax burners they’re admiring!

Fun and friendly, bold and bright 

Painted Earth has been going strong for 20 years, situated in the heart of Newcastle, County Down. Together we’ve spent that time finding and supporting local creators, showcasing the best in art, jewellery, crafts, and beauty and self-care.

 It’s a source of immense pride that we continue the eye-catching window displays, gaining positive feedback from our customers and tourists, as well as from those who live and work in Newcastle. We put time and care into each new display, to give our makers the best possible public platform.

We take that responsibility seriously, but with our bright colours and a new quote, joke or fun fact every day on our big yellow sandwich board, we also strive to bring a bit of light and laughter! 

If our visuals don’t catch your eye, you’ll find yourself following the fragrance. Our growing ranges of beauty and wellness products are made with natural, organic ingredients with a myriad of gorgeous scents to tempt you through the door!

Making craft and design accessible

Walking into a bespoke art, jewellery and gift shop like ours can sometimes feel a bit daunting. People may feel art is expensive, jewellery isn’t for them… or they wouldn’t be welcome to simply have a wee nosey!

We want to break down those barriers and make every person welcome, regardless of any personal aspect. We welcome every man, woman, child, dog and ice-cream eater our town has to offer!

That’s why it’s important for us to have a shop that’s fully accessible for all people of all abilities, including wheelchair users, elderly people and people with autism. Painted Earth also supports makers of all abilities in selling their work - the creators who fill our shelves are just as important as the people who browse them.

We are extremely proud of our shop and how far it has come, but will never stop trying to make it welcoming and comfortable for everyone. If you have ideas on how we can do that, please get in touch.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"First time buying, love the unique designs and the quality is top notch. Would highly recommend to anyone."
Jane Smith - Belfast


98 Main Street Newcastle BT33 0AE
T: 028 4372 2510

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