Mourne Mountains Mugs

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Always ready for a cuppa! This beautiful enamel mug features delicate illustration of the Mourne Mountains. Perfect for taking on an adventure in the great outdoors, or for having a cup of tea at home! 

Through en plein air watercolours and sketches Piera Cirefice hopes to capture the atmosphere of the living landscape. The illustration is based on en plein air watercolours of the Mourne Mountain range, situated in County Down, Northern Ireland 

Coated with white enamel, making mug light to carry and durable 

Things to consider with Enamelware:
  • Not dishwasher or Microwave safe.
  • Please immediately dry after hand washing with mild soap, inside and out, to avoid any early on set rusting.
  • Enamelware is sturdy like any dish-ware but please handle with care, as can easily dent or chip when knocked, dropped or mishandled.
  • Enamel Mugs will eventually show signs of ware and tear like most enamelware.
Due to the hand-crafted nature of the Enamel mug each product will differ slightly and is expected to contain light defects such as dimples, colour blemishes and black dots.
These are all classed as acceptable defects and should be considered before purchasing.
All work copyright © Piera Cirefice. Images may not be used without full permission and credit.

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