So, Summer holidays are over and the kids are back to school. Hooray, says some of you! (We won’t judge you). It’s hard to keep children entertained all Summer. But now is the time for exhausted parents to take a bit of time for themselves…a little bit of me time, when you can squeeze it in!

Why not start your day by journaling your thoughts and plans for the day ahead. Apparently, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down! So get jotting. Speaking of Journals… We have just designed a beautiful, brand new notebook featuring the Mourne Mountains in all their glory. We teamed up with a Cork based company called Badly Made Books (who’s book are in-fact beautifully made). Printed exclusively for us on eco-friendly paper using 85% recycled materials.

Maybe journalling isn’t up your street? Here’s an idea when trying to get a little self-care into your daily life. Are you a tea or coffee lover? If so, you need to try your favourite hot beverage in a wholesome, handmade mug. I’m not joking, it will make all the difference to your caffeine fix. A handcrafted, round bodied mug is a personal favourite. Thomas Powell’s wheel thrown round mugs are perfect for a cosy cuppa, they just fit so nicely in your hands.

Light up your day! If coffee isn’t your drink of choice but you love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. The Bearded Candle Makers ‘Shells Seaside Café’ scented candle will fill your home with fragrance. With notes of sweet coffee, orange and honey. This beautiful candle will help you unwind and enjoy a little time to yourself.

Now that you know a few tricks to bring a little bit of calm into your day… Don’t forget to ‘Take five’ with the kids. We have some great books that children will love & will help them enjoy a bit of quiet time. Passing mindfulness techniques and chill skills on to little ones will help them understand their emotions and recognise when they maybe need a bit of me time too!  Which will benefit you too, so start them young!

September 07, 2023 - Megan Hawthorne


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