Daffodils, little lambs bleating in the fields, sunny mornings, longer days; all of these wonderful signs can only mean one thing - spring is here! And while you might be celebrating with your first picnic of the year or a walk along the beach, why not try spreading the love to others as well?

This season, if you’re giving a gift for a birthday, anniversary, engagement or just because, make sure you choose something that encapsulates all the joys of spring.

But don’t worry if you’re stuck for ideas, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gifts you can give your loved ones this spring. These include:

Soap and scrubs

As the colder months draw to a close and we look forward to longer, warmer days, many of us will be preparing to dust off the flip flops and shorts. So this year, treat a friend or family member to some natural soaps and scrubs to revitalise their skin ready for the summer months.

Dont just choose any run of the mill brand; instead, opt for something handcrafted and made with all-natural ingredients. From botanical oils and shea butter to natural beeswax and bars of vegetable soap goodness, choose something specially formulated and free of nasty chemicals.


As another beautiful spring day draws to a close, is there anything nicer than winding down in the evening by candlelight? Especially if youve got nice fragranced candles that help to boost your mood and keep your home smelling great.

So this spring, give the gift of calm and relaxation by choosing a lightly spiced or floral candle. Fragrances like Bergamot can help to reduce anxiety, or fresh fragrances like cedarwood or lemongrass can revitalise a room and bring nature indoors.

Wall art  

You can help your loved ones to add a touch of colour and sunshine to their home this spring with some creative wall art.

Whether theyve recently moved house, redecorated, had a spring clean, or just want to add a splash of colour to any room, give them a gift they can look at and enjoy every day.

Plant pots and vases

As the flowers begin to bloom this season, it is only natural that we want to surround ourselves with colourful bunches or blossoming house plants. So why not treat someone to a wonderful ceramic planter or a beautiful vase that makes the perfect addition to their home.

This can be a particularly great gift for those without an outdoor space to enjoy as it brings some nature and colour into their home.


For those who love nothing more than spending some time outdoors, spring is the perfect time to get planting and to give your garden a little TLC after the harsh winter months. This makes seed packets a wonderful gift for your green-fingered friends.  

And we dont mean those 99p packets you find in any garden centre. Instead, choose an exciting seed kit or a more personalised packet. You could also opt for wildflowers and seed bombs for those who love a garden filled with wildlife.


Although most people see the start of the year as the time to make plans and resolutions, it is actually during springtime that we begin to feel most energised and productive. Its also the time we like to begin decluttering our spaces and getting organised.  

This is why spring is the perfect time for some new stationery. If youve got a loved one thats addicted to making lists or who likes to keep a busy diary full of exciting plans, stationery is the perfect springtime gift for them.   

Their favourite drink

Last but not least, who doesnt love a refreshing drink on a sunny day? Whether its beer, gin, cocktails or a classic cup of tea, a gift of their favourite tipple will always be well received. And again, this doesnt have to be your standard store-bought stuff; after all, you want to give them something special.

Look for companies creating delicious craft beers or artisanal gin or vodka. If they prefer the soft stuff, then a delicious herbal tea or strong, aromatic coffee blend will also do the trick.

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