Irish craft jewellery is one of our most popular types of gift and it’s easy to see why. The quality of Irish made jewellery, north and south, is exquisite. Our local craftspeople are among the best in the world and indeed, we ship Irish made jewellery worldwide. 

These talented artisans often use techniques and incorporate designs that have been passed down through generations, or are inspired by the Irish craft jewellery made by ancestral artisans. This proud history of craftsmanship combined with modern designs and techniques makes for truly unique jewellery of the highest quality.

As well as supporting and championing local makers, we are local makers ourselves! You are guaranteed to find a unique, high quality item of jewellery in Painted Earth, for you or a loved one to keep and treasure for many years.

Necklaces and pendants

Our hand selected range of Irish jewellery offers a range of pendants in a variety of original styles to suit all tastes and budgets. Alan Ardiff’s range of stunning artisan-made pendant necklaces range from delicate symbols to cute and quirky animals and nature-inspired designs.

Our Alan Ardiff Princess and the P Pendant Necklace is a beautiful example of Irish craft jewellery, inspired by the story of the Princess and the pea. It features a jewelled ‘pea’, a little gold plated crown, and features Alan’s characteristic kinetic element - give the pea a gentle nudge and the crown will move around in response! A charming item full of fun, this piece is made from silver, gold and gemstone.

This My World pendant necklace is another elegant example of our Alan Ardiff range. Featuring another of the brand’s trademark symbol designs - stars and planets - this silver necklace has a little silver star in the middle which can be rotated to reveal a little gold earth! Perfect for the person your world revolves around, or indeed an excellent gift of Irish craft jewellery to yourself - you’re worth it!

Our handmade jewellery at Painted Earth is also ideal both for gifting and for treating yourself. Our Silver Heart/Star pendant is a delightful choice for someone who has an existing silver chain necklace they wish to embellish. Choose your symbol (a heart or a star) and you also have the option to add letters for that personal touch. Featuring hand hammered silver for a lovely tactile surface finish.


This gorgeous Sun, Moon and Stars bracelet matches Alan Ardiff’s pendant designs, and offers the opportunity to buy a stunning matching set of Irish made jewellery. 

Handmade in sterling silver and 18 carat gold, the bracelet features a moving element, with the sun and moon able to spin within the central disc. A playful detail offering an added element of enjoyment to a stunning piece of Irish jewellery. 


Our Irish craft jewellery collection also features earrings for every preference, whether you prefer an understated stud, or an eye-catching drop earring. These Alan Ardiff Heart of Gold drop earrings are handmade in sterling silver, with an 18 carat gold heart at the centre. A lovely piece of Irish craft jewellery that oozes understated elegance.

We also stock stud earrings from the Alan Ardiff range. These Little Flower Stud earrings take inspiration from nature, offering a refined finishing touch to any outfit.

This is just a small selection of the Irish craft jewellery we proudly offer. All of the items above and many more are available right now to order for delivery on our website. 



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