Each time we leave the house to go to work, socialise with friends or attend an event, we think carefully about our outfits. Is it appropriate, comfortable and stylish?

But when youre putting this much effort into the clothes you wear every day, you dont want to fall at the final hurdle.  

You need to make sure that you choose the right accessories too, and jewellery will play a big role in this.

Your jewellery not only complements your clothes, but it also reflects who you are and can completely make or break an outfit.

Therefore, you need to know how to choose the perfect jewellery for every occasion - and we can help you with this. Check out our guide below for all our top tips on how to dress up any outfit, no matter how smart or casual.

For your everyday style

When youre going about your daily business, be that popping to the supermarket or meeting a friend for lunch, you want jewellery that expresses your style without going over the top or being inconvenient. So when it comes to everyday jewellery, you want something subtle and delicate. 

This might be a small necklace, a bracelet, a couple of dainty rings or some stud earrings. You might even choose all of the above. But they should not be too big or bold and should pair well with a more casual everyday look.   

The classic silver or gold jewellery will always look effortless, but if you want to add a splash of colour to your outfit, you could add some colourful studs or rings with gems. Again, choose tones that enhance your skin tone and match your clothes. We recommend checking out our Jill Graham One Of A Kind collection.

For work

When it comes to accessorising for work, you have to put a little more thought into your choices. You need to make sure that you look stylish but professional at all times and that your jewellery wont impact your ability to do your job.

In this case, its best to stick to neutral tones and classic gemstones and try to avoid wearing too much jewellery at once. Delicate pieces are ideal work, including smaller rings, stud earrings and a beautiful but understated watch.

It’s also a good idea to choose smaller, quieter pieces of jewellery so that they don’t become distracting to you or others in the workplace. The last thing you need is big bangles clanging against the desk every time you reach for your keyboard. Our Tanya Ireland collection is the perfect example of work-friendly jewellery.

For a big night out  

If youre going out with your friends for a big night out, you can afford to be more playful and bold with your jewellery selection. Whether youre going out for dinner, to a bar or even to a club, something sparkling or colourful will always go down well and is sure to bag you some compliments from your pals. 

This could be a statement necklace or a chunky bangle depending on your preferences. And on a night out, studs arent going to cut it; instead, you should opt for some bigger earrings, perhaps some bold gold hoops.

Just be careful not to overdo it with too many statement pieces. For example, if you pick a standout necklace, go smaller with your earrings and vice versa. You want your statement piece to be doing most of the work.

For a date night

Date night is your opportunity to impress your companion, whether its your first date or your 50th. You want to look effortlessly flawless as if you really didnt try that hard or put too much thought into your look (even though you did!).  

The ideal jewellery will accentuate your features as well as your style. It needs to look good in dim lighting, as so many bars and restaurants favour this ambience. With this in mind, you could choose a subtle necklace that will draw attention to your neckline and collarbones.  

Alternatively, dainty bracelets can draw attention to your hands, and if you take good care of your nails and have had these painted for the occasion, delicate rings can draw the eye.

For a wedding or special celebration

There are lots of occasions that call for formal dress, be that a wedding, birthday, work party or special anniversary. But whatever the reason for the celebration, you want your jewellery to accentuate your features and look perfect.

Of course, your jewellery must complement your outfit, and this will impact the colour that you choose, but there are also some other important rules. Though you might wish to choose a bold or statement piece - especially if your outfit is quite simple or classic - but you should never try to outdo the bride or the party host.

If youve got a really busy outfit, for example, a floral dress at a wedding, then its a good idea to opt for simple, delicate jewellery that wont make your outfit overwhelming.

But if youre feeling unsure, its always best to play it safe at these events and under accessories rather than over-accessorise, particularly if you know that there will be lots of photos being taken. You really dont want to go bold and have loads of pictures taken, only to regret the decision a month down the line and have your mistake immortalised on camera.

Check out this Heart of Gold bracelet by Alan Ardiff. Perfect for any big day.

For festivals 

Finally, if youre attending a music festival, this is your chance to have some real fun with your jewellery and get creative. At these events, pretty much anything goes, but if you want to adopt the classic boho festival chic style, there are some rules you should follow.

Layering is a big part of festival jewellery, so dont just wear one necklace, wear two or three at varying lengths. The same applies to bracelets and rings. Stack these on top of one another - the more, the better!

Floral necklaces and jewellery that encapsulate nature are also great for a festival. This is because these will complement your floral headdress, outfits and the overall outdoor vibes of these types of event. Plus, playful tones like rose gold are always on point. We recommend our Luna Ray and Rowena Sheen collections to complete your festival look.

And remember, at a festival there is no such thing as too much, so really have some fun with it and accessorise further with quirky bum bags, wellies and temporary tattoos.

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