Hand-crafted jewellery can be a wonderful gift for lots of occasions, be that birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, etc.

And hey, it doesn’t just have to be a gift! Why not treat yourself to some new jewellery just because?  

There are so many wonderful pieces you can choose from, including rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. With plenty of passionate designers out there creating wonderful masterpieces every day.

But don’t just take our word for it. Below, we’ve pulled together a list of seven reasons why we believe hand-crafted jewellery is so special and why this should definitely be your next purchase or gift to a loved one.  

1. You get unique pieces

Even the most talented jewellery maker cannot make two pieces of hand-crafted jewellery exactly the same. And most of the time, they dont want to either. Even pieces from the same collection will have their own little quirks and slight differences; its like working on lots of little pieces of art.

This means that choosing a hand-crafted piece of jewellery is not just like wearing a little piece of art, but you also get something unique. Mass-produced, store-bought jewellery is all well and good, but how many other people are walking around wearing the same thing as you. 

Handmade pieces are unique, and this makes them feel even more special. This can be particularly true if youre giving this as a gift to someone for a very special occasion, as you can get them something that is truly one of a kind.

2. The quality of the goods and materials is better

We’ve all been there, looking down at a cheap ring you bought online that has suddenly turned your finger green or the cheap necklace that has left a mark on your chest. This is because mass-produced jewellery tends to be of lower quality in terms of materials and durability. Often, these cheaper materials fade quicker, and the pieces are more likely to break.

However, a hand-crafted piece of jewellery will use better quality materials, especially those that wont mark your skin or break after the second wear. Plus, the careful craftsmanship that goes into making each of these pieces means that they are more likely to stand the test of time.

This means you get to gift or wear a piece of jewellery that you will feel proud of, that looks great and is made with quality and care.

And if something were to happen to your hand-crafted jewellery for any reason, youre more like to be able to get the artist to fix it for you. This is a level of service you dont get from your standard high street retailer.

3. They are not mass produced  

When it comes to mass-produced jewellery, especially from some bigger fast-fashion retailers, it might be cheaper, but it comes with another cost. Mass-produced jewellery requires a lot of machinery and often covers a lot of miles before it ends up in your hands.

Hand-crafted jewellery is typically more environmentally-friendly, but also, there is nothing but pure skill and love put into making each piece. Whether its a sea glass ring, droplet earrings or a statement necklace, the artist takes their time to carefully craft each piece of jewellery, rather than relying on a machine.

This means your jewellery will feel less mechanical or robotic, as you know it was crafted with love by an actual person.

4. There is more room for innovation and cutting edge design

Because they are hand-crafted, handmade jewellers have the advantage of having total control over the design and techniques they use. This means they can create cutting edge pieces and try out lots of different styles for something truly wonderful.

And lots of jewellery makers are constantly looking for new ways to differentiate themselves from others, so theyll try out never-before-seen styles or be playful with the latest trends. 

A mass manufacturer does not have this ability, which is just another reason that hand-crafted jewellery is so special.

5. Pieces can be personalised or made to spec

Occasionally in the shops, you might see rings branded with different letters or necklaces that spell out some of the most common names - but this is about as personal as it gets. If you approach a jewellery maker, you can get something creatively customised and truly personalised for you or a loved one. Alternatively, they can personalise a piece theyve already made if they offer services like engraving.

This gives you unparalleled opportunities for creativity and customisation. You can have a gift made for a loved one that is imaginative, thoughtful and literally no one else in the world has. Or get one for yourself, of course. There really is no comparison when it comes to personalised pieces of jewellery.

6. It can actually be more affordable

Though you might be surprised to hear it, hand-crafted jewellery can actually be more affordable than something from a shop. Just because something has been produced by an artist, not a machine, it doesn’t mean they’re going to charge through the roof for it.

Often, they will give a fair price that means they aren’t losing out, whereas large retailers will charge what they think they can get away with - and it’s not always a fair price for you. Particularly given the fact that mass-produced jewellery was probably made by a machine. 

This means that not only are you getting something unique, but you don’t have to break the bank to do it. You get something with meaning, something special, all for a fair price.   

7. It is better for people and the planet  

Finally, following on from our point about hand-crafted jewellery being better for the environment, this jewellery is more ethical and tends to use more sustainable practices. Many jewellery makers will source their supplies from more ethical places or perhaps even gather/produce it themselves. They will look for more sustainable alternatives to buying bulk goods on places like Amazon.  

Not only this, but many help to support other local businesses by buying supplies from smaller retailers in their area, directly supporting the local economy. This, in turn, promotes further sustainability.

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