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Always - Wood Sign
Always - Wood Sign

Always - Wood Sign

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Sometimes it is easy to forget the power of words. "Always" is a very powerful one and one that can mean so much to a loved one! 
"I will always love you" 
"I will always put the kettle on" 
"You are always welcome" 
"How often do you think about adopting ALL the dogs?"........ "Always" 
Each piece is designed right here in Newcastle by Lisa, and printed on responsibly sourced local wood, using traditional screen printing techniques by her husband Phillip!
Please note that due to the colour, nature and character of wood, including knots and grain, as well as each picture being made to order, every finished piece will vary from the picture shown, making each purchase unique.
The total measurement of each piece may again vary slightly but will measure approximately 29.5 x 9cm and are ready to hang simply using a nail or screw.