A Lasting Connection

Introducing You & I

Over the summer we launched our new range, You & I.

This jewellery holds a lot of sentiment; like the pebble you pick off the beach to treasure from that special moment, shared with that special someone.

Made in our studio here at Painted Earth, in solid silver, this range of unique signature jewellery offers you the opportunity to own a quality piece of jewellery that brings you, or the person you are buying for, a keepsake that can be worn daily and treasured forever.
Choose from the larger pendant with the heart or star, or ask for a letter of your choice to be stamped especially for you on our smaller pendant.

                                                  Orla's Anecdotes

Hear a bit about what Orla has to say about jewellery and how special each piece is, whether you buy it for yourself, or receive it from a loved one!

Jewellery I wear on a regular basis, becomes part of who I am and my unique style. I have a connection with my pieces and what, or who they represent to me.

The beauty about the You & I collection is that you can start with one pendant and layer them up with initials, symbols or even a secret message... The options are endless!

The connection we can create with a piece of jewellery can be made by ourselves, or given to us by a loved one.
When my sister Roisin moved away to England, she gave me one of her silver rings.
For my 21st birthday Roisin gave me two more rings, which fitted around the original ring perfectly. When I’m worried, excited, stressed, my fingers go straight to these rings as a form of subconscious comfort.
Jewellery is made to represent your own journey. This is why I wear my rings and You & I pendant everyday.

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